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Concert, Summartónar |

Summartónar: Lív og Tróndur


June 25th 2023 @ 15:00


About 1 hour

Summartónar: Lív og Tróndur

From a background of being two individual artists with two different
backgrounds and sounds, when they sing and performe together they
become a symbiose. With their voices and songs they melt into one. Their
music is gentle, emotional and they always have a story to tell. When
hearing their unique sound it's easy to imagine the North Atlantic sea,
green mountains and a rainy foggy day. A mix of folk and pop.
Lív and Tróndur have played concerts many places the last years. In
Milano, Barcelona, Iceland, Sweeden, Norway and Denmark. In the
moment they are working on new material.
You can visit them on:
Spotify: Lív og Tróndur