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Concert | SALT



August 14th 2021 @ 20:00


About 3 hours




DKK 295


Spring 2020 had big plans for Eivør to come to Suðuroy, but this, and with well known reason, was delayed.  Now the time has come, and 14. august you will have the chance to experience Eivør and her band perform at SALT.

This concert will, hopefully, be the start of a long tour, early this fall.

September 2020, saw Eivør’s album “Segl” the light of day. Eivør was supposed tohave her big European tour, but due to covid-19, this was cancelled, all but her concerts at the Nordic house (Tórshavn).
After the Nordic house concert a critic wrote these words ~ “Eivør’s concert is more than just beautiful singing and music performed by Faroe islands’ finest mucisians. Eivør is so much more than this. It’s the colours, beautiful lighting, perfect sound and Eivør’s friendly aura that makes a complete experience”.

Joining Eivør are:
Mikael Blak, Per Ingvald Højgaard Petersen and Mattias Kapnas.

Eivør will be performing songs off of her newest album and older songs aswell.

The doors open at 8pm and the concert starts at 9pm.

Ticket sales are limited.