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Summartónar | SALT

Anders Hjuler & Arnold Ludvig – Live Painting and Music


July 22nd 2021 @ 20:00


About 1 hour




DKK 50

Anders Hjuler & Arnold Ludvig – Live Painting and Music

Faroese Dance in calligraphy and colors presenting esthetic cooperation between Danish artist Anders Hjuler on painting acrylic and tusch calligraphy and Faroese musician Arnold Ludvig on bass and a diversity of magic electronics .

Live paint between painters and musicians has many esthetic qualities both for eyes and ears.
Artist Anders Hjuler will use special tissue called fiber filt which is like watercolor paper. With water this filt produces very quickly a special expanding effect which continues while the filt is wet and can even continue with more water poured on.
We will construct an easel- a device for placing the fiber filt and start the concert   from this position with more fiber filt to continue !
The artist has made several attempts and tried to grab the drive of the Faroese dance   in calligraphy and colors and the process will be created in cooperation with Faroese musician Arnold Ludvig well known on bass and electronics in  the Faroes for many concerts and arrangements.
The artist and musician have made a diversity of experiences before in performances and exchanged materials as to this event and we sincerely hope music and live paint will please a Faroese audience as well as guests from other countries attending the festival Summartonar.