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December 5th 2023




The boathouses that surround the fjords all around the islands are unique to the Faroes. They were vital to ancient faroese households but are today mostly abandoned and deteriorating. However, now there is a new found use for the old and charming boathouses. You are hereby invited to sleep in one!

The web site www.faroeislands.fo has this to say, about the new concept called “neysting”:

You’ve probably tried sleeping in a hotel bed, hostel bed, campervan and maybe even in a tent. But how about a boatbed? The new invention by Faroese architects combines the traditional cultural heritage of Faroese rowing boats and Faroese wool to create a tent in an old Faroese boathouse. A cultural heritage Airbnb, so to speak. Talk about authentic accommodation.

Faroese architect, Elin Maria Nolsøe Joensen, and urban planner, Sissal Christina Fosaa, are the creators of the new type of accommodation. They wish to create an authentic experience for local and foreign visitors.

“The idea came from thinking about how I would like to spend my nights in the Faroe Islands,” says Elin Maria. “Outhouses in the Faroe Islands have special architectural styles, and there are loads of charming boathouses that have excellent locations and are important to Faroe Islanders and our history. I like the idea of using the boathouses for modern purposes whilst also preserving them so they don’t deteriorate due to a lack of activity.”

The shape of the boatbed is created with the traditional Faroese rowing boat in mind. The construction is formed by ten wooden frames covered in a canvas made of one hundred percent Faroese wool, woven the same way sails are. The boatbeds are five metres long and are suitable for two adults and two children.

Book your boathouse and boatbed at: salt@salt.fo