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Dine with the Faroese


June 17th 2024



Dine with the Faroese

Dine with the faroese in Hvalba and Sandvík.

Dine with the faroese is an entreprise, that the tourist information centre is offering tourists that are travelling the Faroe Islands. Meanwhile, this is a cooperation between the local people and the tourist information centre, where the locals open up their homes and serve Faroese dishes.

In Hvalba it is Elin Dimon Næs in Nesi, who serves. And in Sandvík it is Vónbjørt á Hólum.

If a traveller would want this option, it is possible to call the Tourist information in Tvøroyri or Vági and make an appointment. One has to call they day before or at least twelve hours before the visit. It is best if there are at least four people, and not more than twelve.

If tourists want a true Faroese experience, “Dine with the faroese”  is definetely something special!