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Concert | SALT

Yggdrasil – Lipet Ei


July 20th 2018 @ 19:00


About 1 hour




DKK 50

Yggdrasil – Lipet Ei

It is not often one gets to hear samples and syntheses of musics of those residing immediately below the North Pole, especially at many different longitudes. Yggdrasil (named for the Norse tree of life) allows us that opportunity, drawing on the soundscapes and mythologies of the “circum-Arctic” region, specifically the Faroe Islands, Siberia, northwestern Canada, and the Aleutian Islands.
The cinematic compositions and arrangements of Faroese multi-instrumentalist Kristian Blak and Russian singer Vera Kondrateva temper the older traditional materials with clarity and sublime sensitivity.

The member of the band are: Vera Kondrateva (vocals and percussion), Heðin Ziska Davidsen (guitar), Kristian Blak (piano), Mikael Blak (bass)

Tickets are sold at the venue.