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Concert | SALT

The Savage Rose – Annisette


June 23rd 2018 @ 18:30


About 2 hours




DKK 350

The Savage Rose – Annisette

Dear guests!

The bus leaves Smyril at 18:00 (6 pm) to the venue, and departs SALT at 20:30 (8.30 pm)
The bus doesn’t accept credit card, so please bring cash. the price is 90,- DKK.


If you sum up the past 50 years of danish rockhistory, The Savage Rose is without a doubt at the very top of the pyramid. (Informatión)

Annisette and the rest of The Savage Rose were ahead of their time 40 years ago. They still are. (Jyllandsposten)

A magasin reviewer refered to The Savage Rose’s unique style of music as the “Blues of Life”. Their album “Love and Freedom” which was released in 2012, was honored as their best album ever.

The members of The Savage Rose are as follows: Annisette (vocals), Palle Hjort (piano, organ and accordion), Jacob Haubjerg (bass), Anders Holm (drums), Rune Kjeldsen (guitar), Naja Koppel and Amina Carsce Nissen (backing vocals).

Tickets available at Atgongumerki.fo, Tangabúðin in Tvøroyi and at Torgið in Vági