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AVLÝST, Summartónar | SALT

Reality Bytes


August 9th 2020 @ 15:00


About 1 hour




DKK 100

Reality Bytes

Reality Bytes is a 6-man group from the Faroe Islands.

They walk the line between deep and easy, complex and
soothing, with retro-modern sounds and rhythms.

You can hear the gospel touches in the music, coming from the
band members’ church background, with the gospel lyrics being even more evident. Reality Bytes had their debut
concert in Mars 2019 at a local bar, Blábar.

With a full house, the band was eager to continue. In April, the band
participated in and won the Faroese band/singer-songwriter competition Sement 2019, which resulted in their 5
track debut-EP, Symhony of Storms.

Reality Bytes is:
Dania O. Tausen (lead vocal)
Ingmar Berg Mikkelsen (piano, choir)
David Simonsen (bass)
Pauli R. Poulsen (guitars)
Tórður D. Jacobsen (drums)
Maria á Lakjuni (choir)