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“Sjógvur – roads of the see”


October 11th 2019 @ 19:00


About 4 hours



“Sjógvur – roads of the see”

“Sjógvur – roads of the see”
projection show onto SALT:

Tura Ya Moya (DK/DE/GRL/FI/FO)

Projection-art meets SALT in an outdoor multimedia show, dedicated to the sea.

After dawn will pictures and music created by Faroean and Nordic Artist and composers,
be projected onto the historical SALTsilo at Sudoroy.

The project is initiated by the art group Tura Ya Moya who since 1989 specialized in site-specific multimedia shows in Scandinavia, Europe and Greenland in coporation with SALT. After a concert at Summartonar this year, Tura Ya Moyas installation can now be experienced at SALT where the group’s travelling 20-foot Art container is located.

“Sjògvur” is the first part of Tura  Ya Moyas SEA MULTIMEDIA SHOW that reflect on the searoads and the impact they has and had on the life in Scandinavia before and now,
also relating to the story of the SALT silo on Sydoroy.

“Havet og dets veje er og har været livsbetingelser ikke mindst for beboerne i norden.
Det knytter os sammen og skiller os ad.
Det har ført eventyrere, missionærer og oliekompagnier til os

Det er fødekæden og klimaet, uden havet kan vi ikke leve.


Welcome to an exceptional journey on the roads of the sea with projection Art & Music.