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Summartónar | SALT

Manscher, Mortensen & Pætursson Háberg


August 26th 2021 @ 20:00


About 1 hour




DKK 50

Manscher, Mortensen & Pætursson Háberg

Søren Manscher is a Danish songwriter, based in Copenhagen. Søren spent the summer and autumn of 2019 in the Faroe Islands writing songs with local songwriters and composers including Teitur Lassen, Marius Ziska and Lea Kampmann – songs that range from straight- forward everyday songs about relationships, to landing a plane with Atlantic Airways to navigating in being a guest in a new country that you want to be part of.

At Summartónar 2021 the music will see new light when arranged for trio band with Hjørtur Háberg and Torleik Mortensen and accompanied by a string of guest appearances from a number of the co-composers.


:Vocal, bass & drums