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Concert, Summartónar |

Hviskende Varder


July 17th 2022 @ 15:00


About 1 hour


DKK Free

Hviskende Varder

Whispering Cairns

Impro music, electronic music embracing classical chamber music with love. We get lost in surreal soundscapes and float through spherical soundclouds, but the cairns show their way. The cairns are rocks stacked on top of each other by human hands through the centuries. They stand as whispering sculptures in a barren and desolate

landscape and save the wander from the abyss and the certain death. The cairns are the mark for the one who walks in the mountains when the fog suddenly comes or when darkness conceals the alluring beautiful but dramatic and fateful rock landscape.

Kim Kristensen (piano)

Samuel Lundström (violin)

Jákup Lützen (viola)

Johanne Andersson (cello)

Gunnar Halle (trumpet)

Rógvi á Rógvu (drums, percussion)